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Wild Flower

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ピアノとギターの静謐で優しい感じの曲。 今日までの思い出をいつくしみ、これからも心の家族でいよう、と誓います。 野の草たちが、時満ちて咲くように、それぞれにひとしく、「その時」は訪れます。 新たな旅立ちの時、これまでへの感謝の気持ちがあふれ、各々がこれからを示すベクトルを辿り始めます。 ブライダル、セレモニー、卒業式などの式中や待ち時間に、繰り返しお使いいただけます。 A tranquil and gentle feeling of piano and guitar. It is a song of remembrance and a pledge to be a family of the heart. Just as the wildflowers bloom in the fullness of time, the "time" comes to each of us in its own way. At the start of a new journey, gratitude for the past overflows, and each begins to follow the vector that points to the future. This is a beautiful and versatile piece that can be used repeatedly during bridal ceremonies, graduations, and other occasions, as well as while waiting for the next step. Sample Audio ; http://dp42226787.lolipop.jp/wildflower.mp3

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