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Kitchen Rythm

330 JPY

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ピアノ・ギター・ベース・パーカスが共闘する 社会人1年生や、なり立て主婦(夫)の壮絶さは、予想しなかった分、パニックの連続! アドバイスをネットからもらいながらこなしつつも、オーダーが上がれば、さらなるバトルが待っています。 挑戦をあきらめなければ、そのうちトライ&ゴーが、快感に。 テーマの回数が上がるほどに、音の密度が高くなり、スリルが楽しめるはず? Piano, guitar, base and parkas join in a struggle. As much as didn't expect the grandeur of the member of society first grader and the housewife (husband) who had just finished becoming, the continuation of the panic! If order rises while handling it while getting advice from a net, a further battle is waiting. If you would't give up a challenge, soon try & go come in a pleasant feeling. The density of the sound rises so that the number of times of the theme rises, and should you be able to enjoy a thrill? Sample Audio ; http://dp42226787.lolipop.jp/kitchen.mp3

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